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About Online Information, Consulting platform

Welcome to Online Information, Consulting Platform

The Information, Consulting Platform was created within the framework of “Youth for Information Accessibility” subgrant program of Rights Protection Initiative Foundation implemented through the support of Freedom of Information Center of Armenia and co-financed by the European Union. The aim of the website is to increase the participation of population of regional communities in decision making by the municipalities for the purpose of solving issues regarding their social-economic rights,

 so that they are able to exercise effectively their rights envisioned by the RA Constitution, RA law on Local Self-Governing and other normative acts, including right to access information  about the social-economic activities of the municipality and budget expenses and to do respective oversight.

All those who are in need of legal consultation or additional information, can fill in the online application form and our lawyers will provide it for them in a possibly short period of time.   

The Foundation pursues the following goals:
- Support to implementation of democratic reforms and establishment of a lawful state in the Republic of Armenia.
- Promotion of protection of human rights in the judicial system and enforcement bodies in the sphere of education, healthcare, social security.
- Consolidation of scientific thought in the Republic of Armenia and diaspora.
- Training of specialists.
- Creation of an informational network.
- Conduct of scientific seminars, conferences.

In order to ensure the effective reach of its goals the Foundation:
- Cooperates with similar organizations (including foreign).
- Cooperates with state and non-governmental organizations.

Foundation’s beneficiaries: RA citizens, stateless people, refugees and temporary residence permit seekers whose rights are in need of protection in the spheres of education, healthcare, social security.

Public awareness raising about rights

Legal consultation

Legal reforms